Tri-State Athletic Club is pleased to announce the addition of Corporate Wellness programming, customizable to your dynamic work population.


By utilizing your health screening and insurance claims, we can develop comprehensive programming to target risk factors that drive up health care costs resulting in lower claims and a healthier population. We pride ourselves in working with your current HR staff to compliment wellness offerings provided with your company. From training at Tri-State Athletic Club to classes and programs on your campus, our programs will meet your employees at any place in their wellness journey. 


We offer a variety of programming and are open to new ideas as well - with Tri-State Athletic Club the sky is the limit! Below you will find some basic offerings; more classes and challenges are available.

Corporate Memberships

On Campus Classes

Wellness Challenges

Educational Lunch and Learn Classes


If your business is interested in Corporate Wellness programming, please fill out the form below and our Corporate Wellness representative will get in touch to start your program!


For more information on our corporate wellness programming, please contact Brandie Wheeler at 812-479-3111 or